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Rocketeers in a meeting

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. iPhone v2.2 update.

Apple released iPhone 2.2 Software Update last week, which delivers several anticipated features, most notably, Google Street View, public-transportation information and walking directions. There’s also a slew of application enhancements and welcomed bug fixes to improve reliability. While progress is good, we’ve found the new update to be both positive and problematic, especially for the development... read more

AT&T offers free WiFi hotspot access to iPhone users!

Kudos to AT&T for making it even easier to stay connected. AT&T recently announced that they are providing free WiFi access to iPhone users at thousands of US hot spots. This welcomed news comes after several frustrating early leaks in May and July: AT&T knows Wi-Fi is hot, and FREE Wi-Fi is even hotter. Which is why FREE AT&T Wi-Fi access is now available for Apple iPhone at thousands of hotspots... read more

You’ve Spoken and We’re listening. Wings v2.0 coming soon!

Since the release of Wings, many of you have written to us words of encouragement, advice and critiques. Wings placed us in new territory as our first app so we can’t tell you how much we appreciate the ongoing interaction with our users and the productive feedback you’ve provided. One of the most frequent comment we’ve received is that Wings doesn’t feel game-like enough – you really don’t have much... read more