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Rocketeers in a meeting

Ask for a Kiss and you might get a Slap!

Ok everyone, it's time to just chill and have some fun. Sure you know us for high-flying apps like Wings 2.0 or super-functional apps like Overnight and Voxie. But we like to relax and just have some fun too. Mistletoe is our latest contribution to this year's collection of holiday apps. It joins Santa Wings and Voice Cards-Seasons Greetings (still waiting for Apple to give the nod) as our "triptych" of holiday... read more

Overnight: Kitchen Sink Included

The name we gave Overnight on the App Store is "Overnight: Express Shipping, Tracking, Pricing & Drop Locations". We know that's a mouthful, but this app is an iPhone full. There really is no way to describe how much actually went into this app.We started working on Overnight back in June BEFORE the App Store launched. I know what you're thinking, "wow, these guys are slow". Trust us, that's not the case.... read more

Wings 2.0 Coming in HOT!

Wings 2.0 is here, finally! After waiting on the tarmac (the App Store review queue) for a bit longer than we hoped, Wings 2.0 is available for download free for all users of Wings 1.0.And if you don't have Wings 1.0, there's no better time than now to join the Wings family.Over 10,000 people downloaded the Wings 2.0 update within 24 hours of its release. Wow, even the FAA's supercomputer couldn't keep up with... read more

Overnight Delivery Soon!

I want to share a brief glimpse of our soon to be release app, Overnight. This amazing tool is essential for anyone who interacts with shipping or receiving packages.  Portable.  Convenient.  Overnight has just about every piece of information you'd need regarding your packages.  With the holidays impending, this app is sure to be indispensable!    Its functions include: Tracking packages from DHL,... read more

Fantastic Holiday Apps delivered right to your iPhone!

We've got a few surprises for you and your loved ones to enjoy this holiday season.  Great apps that are fun and suitable for the entire family.  They're only here for a limited time so get them before it's too late.  You won't want to miss out on these fantastic holiday treats. Holiday App: Santa Wings You loved Wings.  Now try Santa Wings.  This holiday version of Wings offers the same action packed... read more