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Rocketeers in a meeting

Apple Moves Oceans

You've heard the term, a rising tide floats all boats, right? And you already knew that the tides on Earth are caused by the rotation of the moon, right?   Well, we think Apple is like the moon. Whatever industry or product segment it sets its mind to, it causes such an impact that it "lifts" everything around it. If you're still not with me, imagine a trampoline that you plunge a hook into and lift... read more

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

[caption id="attachment_401" align="alignright" width="153"] Rooms Available For Rent[/caption] We love crazy ideas, the crazier the better. It's the only way we really stretch ourselves as designers, programmers or professionals. Start with an idea that's nearly impossible to achieve and go to work making it look simple. That's what everyone told us when we set out to release 8 apps in a matter of months, and we... read more

Overnight Getting Rave Reviews

Overnight is one of those apps that's difficult to articulate just how feature-rich, yet intuitive it is. Apple's iTunes App Store is cluttered amongst a see of "one trick pony" apps, or Ringtone Apps, as some other bloggers have called them. These are small offerings with little more than a single gag, some clever description writing and that every-appealing .99 "why not" pricing.So amongst a mess of flatulent Apps... read more

Personalize your Ringtones with Voxie

I'm always amazed by the number of unconventional and creative ways people find to use Voxie, and I'm happy to finally contribute one of my own! I was a little behind the curve in getting my iPhone so I relied on the experience of seasoned users to get me up to speed in the beginning. After about a week into getting everything almost completely personalized, I still faced one hanging dilemma - what about ringtones?... read more