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Overnight Wins 4 Star Review from

App Review by   "Today we take a look at Overnight from Bottle Rocket. We have been sitting on this gem of an app for some time now and have finally gotten a chance to write a comprehensive review of it. If you are a small business owner or just someone who sends or receives multiple shipments monthly, Overnight is an essential utility for your iPhone.   First off, let me... read more

Voxie 2.0 is Here! Brings First-Ever Transcription to iPhone!

Voxie 2.0 is now on the App Store. We accumulated all of our customers requests and ranked them by popularity. We included tweaks and feature additions to cover all of the most popular requests, and we'll continue to add other features our customers request.But the BIG NEWS is the addition of professional transcription, powered by Quicktate. This feature is just one more way that Voxie is differentiating... read more