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Rocketeers in a meeting

Macworld Interviews Bottle Rocket about Designing iPhone Apps

Just lately, NPR News for iPhone and iPod touch has been close at hand, especially late at night or in bed. An excellent way to catch up with news and discover a wealth of information, it seamlessly blends words and audio into one user-friendly application. Listen live or to archived snippets, it makes light work of often heavy news.The work of iPhone applications and mobile solutions developer Bottle... read more

Something Wicked This Way Comes

(wicked good, that is...)Here's a sneak peek at the latest app we're working on. This picture shows us jacked in to the iPhone's dock connector to run debug tests on this yet-to-be-revealed hardware accessory for iPhone and iPod Touch.The iPhone 3.0 SDK provides the ability for third party apps to communicate with accessories attached to the iPhone or iPod Touch through either the 30-pin dock connector or... read more

Bottle Rocket releases NPR iPhone app

We're very pleased with the great reviews and unbelievable download rate of the app we developed for NPR. It's now the #1 News app on the iPhone as well as the #19 most downloaded free app on the iPhone (that's huge!).Thank you to everyone who is downloading it and telling their friends about it. It's free and a great app. It will change the way you listen to NPR radio and programming.We're already working... read more

What’s Next at Bottle Rocket? Twitter!

Soon we'll be releasing an app that will let you Tweet like you've never Tweeted before. Look out Twitter lovers. You're going to... well... love it..Sorry to be so secretive. More to come soon. ... read more