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Bottle Rocket Gives Nod to iVerse Comics iPad App

While we normally like to go on and on about Bottle Rocket branded apps and the apps we build for our customers, we wanted to take a moment to give a great iPad app a proper nod.The iVerse Comics iPad app will hit the App Store very soon, probably on launch day. We've built, submitted and received initial approval on four iPad apps ourselves. So we know the hard work that went into this app.Here's a great... read more

Apple Features Two Bottle Rocket Apps as Favorite iPhone App – NPR and Gas Buddy

Apple has selected two Bottle Rocket Apps' iPhone apps as staff favorites on the iTunes App Store. NPR News for iPhone and Gas Buddy: Cheapest Gas for iPhone.The NPR News iPhone app lets you stream hundreds of NPR radio stations live, listen to current and pas programs like All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Fresh Air and more. Use your playlist to custom create your own radio listening experience. Get... read more

Doodle Bomb is one of iPhone’s Best Doodle Games says Apple

Thanks Apple! Today Apple announced on the iTunes App Store that Doodle Bomb is one of the Best Doodle Games for the iPhone. Along with other great games like Doodle Jump, Doodle Army, Doodle Blast, Doodle Bowling and more, Doodle Bomb is showcased on the iTunes App Store starting today.The Doodle genre is extremely popular on the iPhone and Doodle Bomb has been one of the most popular. Over 2,000,000... read more

Bottle Rocket Announces NPR News 2.0 iPhone App is in Review at Apple

Bottle Rocket, today, announces a major update to the extremely popular official NPR iPhone app, called NPR News 2.0. The app has already received 4 and 5 star ratings from most every professional review web site that covers the iPhone platform as well as the Best News App Ever Award from and MacWorld Editors' Choice.Now, NPR raises the bar again with over 180 changes to the app, the most... read more

Bottle Rocket Partners with Popular OpenFeint Social Network to Bring Global High Scores and Achievements to Doodle Bomb

Bottle Rocket Partners with the popular OpenFeint┬ásocial network to bring global high-scores and achievements to Doodle Bomb.   The third update to the popular Doodle Bomb physics puzzle game for iPod and iPhone touch will include some great updates for those who want to take their skills to the next level. With a new scoring system from OpenFeint that measures speed and accuracy, over 65 unique... read more