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Rocketeers in a meeting

NPR News: Macworld’s Essential iPad App

In the latest issue of Macworld, on page 45, Apple declares the NPR News app for iPad (developed by Bottle Rocket) to be an essential app to have.Dan Frakes explains why NPR News for iPad is an essential free favorite:Who said Internet audio killed radio? NPR for iPad proves that networks can embrace the Internet to make their radio and Web offerings even more compelling. Like NPR’s iPhone app, the free... read more

iPhone Owners Download Twice As Many Paid Apps As Android Owners

According to Business Insider, Apple iPhone owners are downloading nearly twice as many paid mobile applications as Google Android users.Some reasons why users might download more iTunes paid apps could be: iTunes has an easy purchasing system. Popular paid apps are easily highlighted. The iPhone is positioned as a premium phone so your users are more likely to be the type of user who buys paid apps.Are... read more

The Boss Can’t Take a Vacation

Even while the boss is supposed to be away on family vacation in New York, he can't help but snap pictures of Apple billboards of the NPR News app for the iPad. ... read more