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Rocketeers in a meeting

What Can We Do to Fill Up the Mobile Talent Pool?

It isn't just us... no REALLY, it isn't.  We're just a part of the increasing need for mobile application developers.  This morning, I perused hundreds of listings on Monster for mobile developers.Here at Bottle Rocket, we constantly keep up our postings and search for Experienced iOS, iPhone and iPad developers, plus Senior Android Developers.  Our business is growing, and new clients are coming in so... read more

Annoying Orange Brings Obnoxious to the iPad in HD

 Released yesterday afternoon by our Thruster division, we are LIVE with a face-to-peel interview of the Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage HD for iPad in the Apple App Store...Bottle Rocket (BR): So tell us, Orange, how does it feel to be updated in HD and on the iPad device?Annoying Orange (AO): Hey, you're an iPad!!!BR: Actually, no... I'm a reporter for the "BadApps Daily."  Do you realize how famous... read more

9 Geo-Cool Reasons to Get Off Your Couch &Out of the House

Or, why you really should get the Footsteps GPS app...The modern GPS was originally developed by the U.S. for military purposes and became fully operational in about 1994. So, while the military was interested in tracking vehicles, missiles and other deadly devices, here are 9 unexpected uses for the technology I’ll bet the brass never thought of: 9.  Keep a geolocated journal of don’t-miss sights along... read more

Why You REALLY Should Have Been at DalMob Last Night

Last night our Creative Director, Michael Griffith, was asked to speak at the May Conclave of DalMob, a group of mobile development enthusiasts who are platform independent.DalMob provides a rousing forum for discussion and resource-sharing for all aspects and tasks related to software and creative development for mobile devices.Rather than writing out Michael's awesome preso notes here, how about viewing it... read more

Bottle Rocket Developer Bootcamp Re-Cap

  On Saturday, April 30th, from 10am to 4pm, the Developer and Creative teams here @_BottleRocket hosted our first Developer Bootcamp for IT college students around the Dallas area.  Our goal for hosting these events quarterly is not only to help build the iOS community in Dallas, but also to lay a foundation for Dallas to become the epicenter of magnificent mobile minds.  Plus, we'd like to identify... read more