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Rocketeers in a meeting

SoupMobile: Our September 2011 Charity Selection

  The mission statement of the SoupMobile consists of 3 simple words spoken by Jesus himself: "Feed MY Sheep." We believe He meant more than just food. He also meant love, caring, compassion, and shelter. In order to fulfill the words of Jesus, the SoupMobile has 3 main missions: Feed the Homeless Shelter the Homeless Celebrate Jesus Founded by David Timothy a.k.a. The SoupMan in... read more

And now, a few of our words…

Here at Bottle Rocket Apps, we are ALL about the user when we begin our Strategy, Creative and Design process for our clients' iOS and Android mobile apps.  With that in mind, we offer a peek under the hood at our inner workings with a random collection of UEX, Marketing, and Brand terminology.  To us, it is important we all have a similar understanding when using these terms. Audience Segmentation is... read more

Bottle Rocket Apps launches both TBS and TNT for iPad

                       For any fan of TBS or TNT who LOVES great TV, our brand new iPad apps are now live in iTunes App Store.  Featuring shows like "The Closer" and "Falling Skies" on TNT and "The Office" and "Seinfeld" on TBS, both apps allow you to watch full episodes of their shows and TNT offers full length movies. With the TBS very funny iPad app, you can have access to your favorite... read more

Gaming: Not a Spectator Sport

Today, according to the Mobile Marketing Forum's 2010 Annual Research Report, one out of every four entertainment dollars is spent on games.  Rabid, hardcore gamers bring in big dollars (ex. the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 grossed $401 million the FIRST DAY! However, increasingly, it's not just hardcore gamers bringing in the money.  The assumption that the average gamer is a socially isolated... read more

Mobile Design Imperatives

As the web evolved over the years, companies pursued a basic mobile strategy that could be summed up as follows:  Cram all the content you can onto a website, and then adapt it for mobile use by lopping off a few pieces.  Trimming down content to fit on a smaller screen may have made the presentation more “mobile friendly,” but it didn’t really focus on what mobile users wanted, and how to truly... read more

BET’s 106 &Park: now LIVE in Android Market

You wanted it and now we've delivered... BET's 106 & Park app is now in the Android Market!  The official 106 & Park app brings the livest show on television right into your home: Watch high-quality video of all your favorite moments from the show Get the 411 on tonight's guests and check out their past appearances See what the country is tweeting about today's trending topic, or send your own... read more