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Rocketeers in a meeting

Rocketeer Charity: The Rise School of Dallas

The Rise School of Dallas is a special school for special kids. It's a place that provides specialized education and attention that kids with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities might not otherwise receive.  The unique thing about the school is that its student body consists of kids with disabilities and with those who have none. This approach has resulted in children with disabilities... read more

Mobile Roared Through 2012… So Did Bottle Rocket!

It's no secret the mobile industry is exploding! Here at Bottle Rocket, we mirrored the industry’s tremendous growth last year. In fact, 2012 was our most successful year in our nearly 5-year history. We proudly released over 21 high-quality apps for the world's most discriminating brands and over 100 valuable updates to serve our users. We think Apple did a great job of articulating the growth of the... read more

The United States War Dogs Association: Our January Charity of the Month

Military working dogs are an important part of our current armed forces and the defense of our nation. They provide various jobs including narcotic and explosive detection, base defense, security and patrol, search and rescue, and PTSD recovery assistance.  As of 2011, around 600 dogs were serving in active combat zones overseas. The majority of these dogs were born into the service and trained at Lackland Air... read more