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Rocketeers in a meeting

Rocketeers in Orbit: Amanda Chappell Hosts Bottle Rocket Coding Club

Rocketeer, Amanda Chappell, introduced Bottle Rocket Coding Club in the fall.  The club is part of a continued effort to get out in our community and contribute by donating time and expertise to promote STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math).  Amanda has been contributing her time to help foster and mentor future engineers and we were thrilled to have these future Rocketeers in our office... read more

Rocketeer Charity: Rocketeers Support Camp Invention

This month, we are supporting Camp Invention, which is a nationally recognized summer program focused on creativity, innovation, real-world problem solving and the spirit of invention. Camp Invention partners with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Collegiate Inventors Competition, and everything they do is inspired by the world’s smartest inventors.  Their top priority is to... read more

Rocketeers in Orbit: Luke Wallace Recaps Mobile + Web DevCon

Mobile + Web DevCon has been growing in recent years, and every conference has a few trends that seem to permeate the atmosphere.  Here are some of the trends that Rocketeer, Luke Wallace noticed at the recent conference in San Francisco. Mobile is bigger than desktop web for many companies It’s no surprise that mobile platforms are becoming standard operating procedure for most companies, just take a... read more

The Annoying Orange: Splatter Up App Featured

The Annoying Orange: Splatter Up Featured on Google Play

Look what has been featured on Google Play. The Annoying Orange Splatter Up app is currently featured in the Games to Watch, Awesome Games This Week section. Splatter Up featured in games to watch You can join the Annoying Orange and his entourage for... read more

Rocketeer Wisdom: Michael Griffith on Continuous Commerce™

Michael Griffith, Bottle Rocket’s Director of User Experience, recently provided insight on the role of mobile in Continuous Commerce™, "A mobile device isn’t just a flashy toy with some cool features; it’s also a highly personal possession. When we think of our phone or tablet, we think of all the photos, music, calendar, videos and more that are central to our individual, daily lives. A personal device... read more

Ogilvy & Mather North America Named Ad Age’s B-to-B Agency of Year

We would like to congratulate Ogilvy & Mather North America, for being named Ad Age's B-to-B Agency of Year!  Ogilvy was recognized for its “innovation, commitment and deep immersion into its clients' businesses.” "We celebrate our culture and the principles David Ogilvy built the company around -- we love going in and figuring out the culture of our client," said John Seifert, chairman of Ogilvy... read more