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Rocketeers in a meeting

Bottle Rocket opens its doors for WWDC and Google I/O events

Two of the biggest conferences for techies – WWDC and Google I/O – are happening within weeks. These conferences give attendees a chance to hear about the latest trends in development and get a unique opportunity to hear expert insights straight from each source. Since attendance for the conferences is heavily limited, we’re opening our shuttle doors here in Dallas for coverage of each event. Starting... read more

Rocketeer Charity: PCs2Prosper

Images courtesy of PCs2Prosper For our second charity drawing this month, Rocketeers are supporting PCs2Prosper – an organization dedicated to bringing computers to children from low-income households. Cofounders Vijay, Roja, and Karthik Manohar were inspired to start PCs2Prosper in 2011 when they learned about their father’s company policy of replacing laptops every three years. Old laptops, still... read more

Rocketeers create an app to control lights with voice in less than 24 hours

What’s cooler than a lighting system that you can control with your mobile device? A lighting system you can control with your voice. iOS developer Justin Ehlert, currently a junior majoring in computer science at the University of Texas at Dallas, took on that goal during this year’s Rocket Science. After purchasing a Philips Hue starter kit, Ehlert started to fiddle around with the system’s... read more

Rocket Science 2014: Come and Make it

What do you get when you add up 24 hours, over 180 rocketeers, and countless energy drinks? Rocket Science 2014. Starting at noon on Thursday, Rocketeers from every discipline of the company came together to brainstorm, collaborate, and implement ideas for personal projects that reach beyond the scope of our regular (and not-so-regular) workdays. We shut-down our emails and put a temporary hold on... read more

Rocketeer Charity: Hugworks

This month, Rocketeers are supporting Hugworks - a charity specializing in music therapy for hospitalized children. By conducting live therapeutic music, Hugworks seeks to uplift children experiencing extended hospital stays or children with special needs.  Founded by musician Jim Newton, the organization has gone on to produce three award-winning CDs featuring music that Hugworks performers play live in... read more

Booking a flight: Bottle Rocket’s New Employee Library

As part of a never-ending effort to expand our knowledge and hone our skills, Rocketeers have put together a company library where employees can check out books on a range of topics: from “Objective C for Dummies” to “Agile Estimating and Planning.” Curated by Rocketeers and their department leads, the current selection features over 65 books that span each of the disciplines at Bottle Rocket including... read more

Hour of Code: Bringing STEM to students

Stars like Ashton Kutcher and Shakira have come together to promote the “Hour of Code” - a nationwide effort to expose students to bite-sized pieces of computer science. Now Rocketeers are joining the push, too. Developer Tanner Oakes spoke to a classroom of fifth graders at Heritage Elementary School in GCISD on May 9 as part of this effort. Fifth grade math and science teacher Amy Flory brought... read more