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Rocketeers in a meeting

Rocketeer Charity: Pets For Vets

For our latest charity drawing, Bottle Rocket has selected the Pets for Vets Program – a group dedicated to supporting veterans by pairing them with rescued companion animals. Rocketeer Laurie Irish-Duncan entered Pets for Vets into our bi-monthly charity drawing. “By combining their needs, physical, psychological, and emotional, with rescuing a dog or cat who would most likely not be adopted from a... read more

So you have an idea for an app…

The great thing about what I do is all of the ideas I get thrown at me on a weekly basis. If you ever wondered how prevalent apps are in mainstream culture today, just tell people you make them for a living. Reactions are almost all the same. “I’ve always had an idea for an app, but it will never happen because…” I smile every time, because I spend my work days with people who once thought that way and... read more

Rocketeer Charity: Ashoka Changemakers

For our first charity drawing this month, Rocketeers are supporting Ashoka Changemakers – the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. Ashoka Fellows in 70 countries across the globe work at putting world-changing ideas into practice through start-up financing, professional support services, and high level networking across both business and social sectors. Founded in 1980 by Bill Drayton,... read more

Flying at full mast: Hot Flag

Failing isn’t so bad if you can do it brilliantly. During Rocket Science 2014, Team Hot Flag accomplished just that and won the “Brilliant Failure” prize at our awards presentation. Led by art director Simon Stipp, Hot Flag came together to form an impromptu jam band (with a tongue-in-cheek reference to punk band Black Flag). Hot Flag’s aesthetic was based on the classic American hot... read more

Bottle Rocket Wins Big at DSVC Dallas Show 2014

We were excited to see three Bottle Rocket Apps in the Dallas Society of Visual Communication’s Dallas Show 2014 this past weekend. Congratulations to our NBC and Showtime teams for taking home Silver and Bronze respectively. This is the 3rd year in a row that Bottle Rocket work has been featured in the... read more

Rocketeers build an app to help 2.5 million Americans with speech impairments

With three hours on your hands, you could: A) Catch up on Game of Thrones B) Refresh Facebook 300 times C) Help change 2.5 million lives The Human Voicebank, our winning Rocket Science team, chose to spend their 24 hours making those three hours a crisp, enjoyable user experience so you’d want to pick C. Jason Osburn, Director of UX/Product Innovation for AWE, was inspired to pull his team together... read more

BET Networks releases ‘Claim to Fame’ Game Show within BET NOW app

A huge congrats to our partner BET Networks who has just launched ‘Claim to Fame’ within their BET NOW app. BET Networks has combined TV Everywhere with an interactive experience that literally brings the user to the television screen.   Claim to Fame is a competitive social video experience that, while entertaining, is a pathway to stardom for BET fans.  It powers multiple user-videos on screen at the... read more

Team PicoGames builds 48 mini-games in 24 hours

If you’ve ever played the Wario Ware series of games, you’re familiar with the concept of microgames. Tiny, multiple-second engagements, microgames task the player with a single objective and often take on a silly, cartoonish appearance. Team PicoGames tasked themselves with building 24 of these microgames during their time at Rocket Science. Instead, they churned out 48 individual... read more