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Rocketeers in a meeting

Rocketeer Charity: Twelve Hills Nature Center

For our latest charity drawing, Rocketeers are supporting Twelve Hills Nature Center - a conservancy built to "promote positive interaction between diverse community groups." Rocketeer J.B. Chaykowsky entered Twelve Hills into our charity drawing. “The 12 Hills Nature Center board and volunteers are committed to creating an amazing, natural outdoor space to teach environmental stewardship. It is... read more

Calvin Carter on CBS Dallas Radio

Calvin Carter, our Founder and CEO, spoke with Matt Thomas of CBS Dallas' "Pulse Of The City." Thomas and Carter discussed Bottle Rocket's growth and future in... read more

Turning User Experience into a Brand Experience

With each WWDC and Google IO, more and better UI elements and patterns are made available to developers for easy integration into the apps they build. This is great, it ensures your app will get to market quicker, look professionally designed, is usable and works as it should. Used correctly, these things can help make a mediocre app a good, fundamentally sound app. But how do you make a good app great? How do you... read more

Matt Johnson on VR Development

Matt Johnson, EVP here at Bottle Rocket and General Manager of Thruster, sat down recently to discuss his experience at E3 and the direction that virtual reality is taking with platforms like the Oculus Rift headset. VR is moving beyond gaming and taking on practical applications, such as real-world training scenarios. With an Oculus headset, for example, first responders can train for emergency situations... read more

The Marcus Graham Project visits Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket was happy to welcome students with The Marcus Graham Project last month. The Marcus Graham Project is a group dedicated to identifying and training ethnically diverse men and women in the media industry. As a part of the project’s... read more

Android Evangelist Luke Wallace speaks at Mobile+Web DevCon

Our lead Android Developer, Luke Wallace, recently attended Mobile + Web DevCon in Chicago - a semi-annual conference focusing on both native & mobile web development, Luke has spoken several times on a variety of Android topics. This time, he focused on Building a Compatible Android UI, describing how Bottle Rocket builds apps that work on thousands of different devices, without being burdensome to... read more

Meeker Releases Annual Report

Mary Meeker  - a juggernaut in the venture capitalism world known to some as the “Queen of the Net” – recently released her latest report on Internet Trends. The report, released by Meeker’s partner VC firm KPCB, has been an important reference in Bottle Rocket’s back pocket when it comes to discussing the leading edge of mobile innovation. Some important points from the 2014 report: 30% of all... read more

Bottle Rocket welcomes Epic Games

Bottle Rocket opened its doors to Epic Games last night for their “Dallas is Unreal” Indie Developer meet-up. From 6-9 p.m., representatives from Epic Games hosted members of the community at our offices and showed off demos of the new Unreal... read more

What if you could hit restart on your UX department?

The ever changing approach to UX  Four years ago, I assumed building mobile user experiences would simply be another form of digital experience. Each digital medium has some unique considerations, but for the most part, the learning curve was not that great. I have found that is not the case for mobile, the learning curve is significant and it has pushed us to examine the work, the way we work, and the people... read more