24 Hours, 70 Passionate Rocketeers and 7 Trillion Neurons (give or take a few)

Last week Bottle Rocket launched its first-ever “Rocket Science” event. For 24 hours rocketeers brainstormed, penciled, prototyped and then presented their way into Bottle Rocket history.

The purpose of the event was to give Bottle Rocket team members a chance to work on anything that inspires them, expands their skills and pursues mastery of their craft.

Sure, the office was littered with pencil sketches, nerf darts, empty Monster Energy cans, sleeping developers, wrappers from a 3am taco run and glow sticks from the 10 minute rave just before sunrise, but the results were well worth it!

At the end of the 24 hours we came away with over two dozen ideas from clever improvements to our process to exciting app opportunities and even forward thinking experiences users would love.

While we celebrated both the Magnificent Success and Brilliant Failure we will be supporting several ideas that we’re confident will improve the experience users, employees and clients have with Bottle Rocket Apps.

An event like Rocket Science is just one of the ways Bottle Rocket remains a leader in the industry. We are driven by our desire to grow as a team, develop as professionals, increase productivity and sharpen our skills.

“Rocket Science” was inspired by Atlassian’s FedEx Day. You can learn more about the concept here: http://www.atlassian.com/fedex-day