TVE Apps for A&E, Lifetime, and History Channel are Now Available

A&E App on iPad powered by AWE

You can now watch your favorite A&E, History and Lifetime shows whenever and wherever you want, right on your iPad. The free TV Everywhere apps allow users to access an extensive video database of new episodes, reruns, movies, exclusive clips and deleted scenes from shows like Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, Project Runway and more.

You can also explore the “just added” tab to view the most recent content, create a customized watchlist, and view full episode schedules. The watchlist feature offers “Continue Watching” and “Queue” features to create a seamless viewing experience between visits and devices.

Once users add their favorite series to the “Queue”, all new episodes from the series will appear once available in the app. Users who are in the middle of watching a video and have to step away can also see the videos in progress and resume playback in the “Continue Watching” section of the watchlist.

Bottle Rocket is especially proud of these apps because they are the first to launch on our AWE platform for primary and secondary screen experiences. AWE was conceived as the ultimate video consumption utility for mobile devices, providing users with deep and quick access to content most relevant to them and the means to consume it whenever, wherever and however they choose.

Visit iTunes to download the free A&E, Lifetime and History Channel watch apps today!

History Channel App on iPad powered by AWE Lifetime App on iPad powered by AWE