App Recognition: Apple Features Two Bottle Rocket Apps in Today’s Announcement

If you caught the live blog of Apple’s announcement this afternoon, you might have seen our SPG and NBC Digital apps featured! As we Rocketeers gathered into a conference room in anticipation of what exactly would be revealed today, we were all super excited to see our apps on display for all to see! Both have not yet been officially released, but were chosen by Apple as part of today’s presentation as prime examples of the new iOS 7, taking advantage of iOS 7’s new appearance with a flat interface and colorful, translucent visuals.

In the race for Apple’s announcement, Rocketeers put forth a tremendous effort to bring a new user experience to life that was both incredibly demanding and technically challenging. We couldn’t be more proud of the final products!

The iPhones 5S and 5C were also announced and will go on sale September 20, and iOS 7 will be available next Wednesday, September 18. The iOS 7 version of the SPG app and the NBC Digital app will be coming soon, so stay tuned y’all!