Booking a flight: Bottle Rocket’s New Employee Library

As part of a never-ending effort to expand our knowledge and hone our skills, Rocketeers have put together a company library where employees can check out books on a range of topics: from “Objective C for Dummies” to “Agile Estimating and Planning.”

Curated by Rocketeers and their department leads, the current selection features over 65 books that span each of the disciplines at Bottle Rocket including (but not limited to) mobile dev and project management.

Within minutes of the last book being placed on the shelf, Rocketeers were more than eager to get cracking.

Project Coordinator Tommy Eubanks is one of many Rocketeers excited about the library.

“My favorite part about our new library is that it allows each individual Rocketeer to pursue their own passion at their leisure,” Eubanks said.

Passions, of course, are not discipline-specific, and all are encouraged to develop themselves beyond their role at Bottle Rocket. Several of the books selected for a spot on the shelves, such as “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” could benefit any member of the organization and give insight in the work fellow Rocketeers do around the office.

We are thrilled to have these new resources at our disposal and look forward to further filling the shelves.

Prepared by Rocketeer Bryan Lortie