Bottle Rocket Sponsors Students for a Class at The Woodshed School


In keeping with our tradition of contributing to the community, we recently sponsored four young people, interested in improving their design skills and portfolio, for the Woodshed School Portfolio Class in Dallas. The Woodshed School is a designed for students and those in their early careers who want to take short, evening or weekend classes in Art Direction, Copywriting, Typography and Creative Thinking.

The four people we sponsored spent a Saturday with Peter Wood, the school’s Shedmaster. The focus of the session was to regenerate an existing project to create a new improved version for inclusion into the students’ portfolios.

The Woodshed School believes that thinking about a project begins with a human need and is not to be motivated by sales. The school’s goal is to teach its students how to draw on their own life and career experiences as human beings to truly understand the nature and purpose of each project. The school teaches students how to think critically and to think in meaningful and unorthodox ways while sharpening their existing talents.

The classes are not limited to students and young professionals. The Woodshed School also offers workshops tailored specifically to the creative needs of companies of all industries. These thought-provoking sessions aim to give employees a much greater idea of who their audience is and keeping them first in mind when creating a product, not unlike our approach to each and every project.

We wish our sponsored students great success!