Breaking News: WPP Acquires Bottle Rocket

Dear Clients, Future Clients, Future Rocketeers, Partners, Fellow Mobile Enthusiasts, Friends in the Press and everyone else reading this:

I have amazing news that I would love to share with you! I am excited to announce that Bottle Rocket is joining forces with WPP, the world’s largest and most respected network of advertising and marketing service companies including Ogilvy & Mather, Grey, JWT, G2, AKQA, Wunderman and Young & Rubicam Group. WPP’s global span includes 150 different companies around the world with more than 165,000 employees over 3,000 offices in 110 countries.

I, along with my fellow Rocketeers, am thrilled with this development. Bottle Rocket will remain as a separate company under my leadership and we will maintain our culture, our products, our services, our offices, our focus and our clients. We will continue to deliver the quality of work our customers expect from us, but now with much more horsepower, capacity and capabilities.

What will change is our access to the top minds in the industry. Our company will be stronger, more capable and have wider national and international reach. You will see even bigger things from Bottle Rocket… all in the service of our client partners.

I hope you share in my excitement about this extraordinary development. Bottle Rocket means the world to me! I have a vision and feel that our new partners will help make that vision a reality. As you can imagine, this didn’t happen overnight. We’ve very carefully selected a company we feel to be our true soul mates. They’re smart and passionate people focused on producing original and outstanding work, just like all 170 of my fellow Rocketeers.

Let’s do something amazing with the power of this new partnership, together…

With much anticipation and excitement,