Calvin Carter’s Talk at Open Mobile Summit, November 2-4

From killer app to killer business…

From November 2 through 4 in San Francisco, attendees at Open Mobile Summit & Appcelerate met the leaders of the mobile app economy and CEOs of the hottest app businesses on the planet shared the secrets to their success and their thoughts on the evolving landscape.  Our own Founder & President, Calvin Carter, was there speaking as an “App Idol.”

Attendees talked to the developers and execs behind today’s most successful apps, and they learned how to build and monetize killer apps – and securing long-term future in the open mobile economy.

Key issues discussed were:

  • The changing landscape for app development: Navigate the latest trends in platforms and app monetization, and understand key developments that will influence markets for apps in the next 12 months
  • The secrets to a successful mobile publishing business: Strategies to help you build, and maintain, a profitable business
  • Platform wars: Who’s winning, which new platforms should you keep an eye on, and what’s the latest in html 5, java and flash
  • Development techniques: How to accelerate your development time and reduce costs, plus practical tools to deal with fragmentatrion today
  • App monetization: The latest revenue strategies such as in-app monetization, microtransactions, freemium, subscriptions, advertising, lead-gen, and virtual goods
  • Adoption and Stickiness: How to generate rapid adoption, and keep people coming back for more!
  • Distribution: Navigate the very latest distribution models such as CPI, incentivized installs, and cross-promotions.
  • The Mobile UI: What you need to know about the role of design in attracting users
  • Analytics: Which app analytics you need to pay close attention to, and which can be sand traps
  • New market opportunities: From enterprise apps through to developing for tablets and devices “beyond the phone”