Captain Hope’s Kids: Our October Charity of The Month

Captain Hope’s Kids was founded in North Texas by Steven Hammond, a former homeless teenager turned successful adult, with the unique mission to “meet the critical needs of homeless children.”

A 2010 census of Dallas County’s homeless showed women and children made up 47% of the known population. On any given night in North Texas, more than 1,100 children fall asleep in homeless and domestic violence shelters. 66% of these children are under the age of nine, and 31% are infants and toddlers under the age of three years.

While providing things like baby food, clothing, hygiene products, school supplies and other items that meet the physical needs of children is a huge part of what this organization works toward, yet that is only one piece of the picture. Captain Hope’s Kids also provide a range of recreational activities such as sports, art activities, museum trips, and hope-in-a-box birthday boxes so that children have a chance to escape their circumstances for a moment and just be kids. 

Through Captain Hope’s Kids programs, events and partnerships, they aim to better the lives of every homeless child in North Texas, and eventually the rest of the United States. They are the only organization of their kind, which is why donations of goods, time and money are so important.

Jonathan Parham, one of our gaming developers, nominated Captain Hope’s Kids for this month’s charity because it is very important to him and his wife. “Having two little boys of our own, we know how important it is to a parent that their children have everything they need for their best chance at success.” Jonathan also shared that “with an impressive 87% of every dollar donated going directly to providing supplies to homeless children, I know that Bottle Rocket’s Donation will make a big difference for many local children!”

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