Food Network In the Kitchen Receives 4 Stars from 148Apps

148Apps provides insight into the very best in iOS apps through numerous reviews and tracking what is selling and hot in the iTunes App store. Food Network In the Kitchen was reviewed by 148Apps this week and received 4 stars!!


And here is what they had to say…

“It’s a promising sign when a recipe app makes you hungry, even though you’ve just eaten. The imagery within Food Network In the Kitchen does exactly that.”

Other useful sideline features include a shopping list facility and the ability to add notes to recipes, or organize them via the Recipe Box feature that’s also available on the Food Network website. There’s also a convenient yet simple unit converter.”

“Much like with cookery books, it’s fun to collect as many cookery apps as possible. I should know, with an ever-growing list of food based apps to inspire me. Food Network In the Kitchen slots in there perfectly, offering a vast number of recipes for every occasion.“

We couldn’t agree with you more, 148Apps. Congratulations again to our partners and friends at Food Network.

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