Get a Free Slice of Orange on the AppStore and Android Market!

On Friday, Thruster, a division of Bottle Rocket Apps, released a “Lite” version of their popular fruit-slinging game Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage.  The free version of the game contains the most popular “Classic” play mode which allows players to blend, cut, microwave and shred the cast of the popular YouTube series while advancing in levels to unlock new fruits.  The full version of the game was released last April and reached #5 on the paid apps chart.

“Even a year after its original release, we knew the fans of the series would welcome a free taste of the popular game”, said Matt Johnson, Executive Producer of the game.  Since Friday the game has risen to #14 of all free apps on the iTunes store with more than 500,000 games played.  “We are honored to have passed such app store bellweathers such as Facebook, Twitter and Angry Birds over the past 48 hours.”

You can get the free version of the game here: iPhone/iPod Touch or Android

… or upgrade to get two new modes (Balloon Pop and Endless) here: iPhone/iPod Touch or Android