Halloween Rocketeer Style

At Bottle Rocket, we always do things a little differently. Instead of celebrating Halloween today, we had our annual party this past Tuesday so that our head Rocketeer, or shall we say, Commander Cody, could make his grand entrance- cue the Star Wars theme-  into our company meeting and wow us all with his amazing, handcrafted Stormtrooper costume.

You can see the winners of our Halloween costume contest below as well as Commander Cody Carter. Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!!!


Calvin Carter as Commander Cody


First Place Overall – Jason Moerbe


Second Place Overall – Shelby Juilfs


Third Place Overall – William Grams


Most Creative – Michael Griffith


Best DIY – Adrienne Thomas


Funniest – Brandi Whitson as Calvin Carter


Lamest – Chad Barron