Hogar Suyapa: Our October Charity of the Month

Hogar Suyapa was founded on February 3, 2004 in El Progresso, Honduras by a small group of people determined to create a permanent home for children who often have been removed from their families for reason of neglect, criminal activity of their parents, or abuse. Children are often brought to Hogar Suyapa on a temporary basis and their stay can last from one or two nights to as long as a month.

After renting a small house for a year, Hogar Suyapa purchased a house of their own in 2005 and conducted major renovations in 2007 in order to house as many children as possible yet still provide the children with the education, love and attention they deserve. The new home now consists of eight bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, class room and therapy room.

Joslin Sansom, rock-star account manager, nominated Hogar Suyapa for this month’s charity because she has a passion for helping underprivileged and abused children. Part of Bottle Rocket’s donation will go towards making the existing building wheelchair accessible and as timing would have it, a new addition to accommodate the growing needs of taking on more children will be dedicated in two weeks. The money will also help furnish one of those rooms, which we hope to make into a bottle rocket theme!