In The Kitchen Earns 5 Stars From The Recapp

The Recapp is known for “narrowing down and clearing away the clutter” and making one great app recommendation to the app community, every day. Through this process they end up reviewing millions of apps on a 1 to 5-star scale. 

Earlier this week, The Recapp reviewed Food Network In The Kitchen and liked what they saw. They awarded it 5-stars, which classifies it as “an innovative, best-in-class app that blows our minds – a must-have app”.

Congratulations again to the Food Network team on an amazing, must-have app!

“Once you open Food Network In the Kitchen, you’re bombarded with a food photo segment that gets you salivating.  The images are enough to make you keen on utilizing the app and fulfilling the night’s culinary masterpiece, whether it’s Italian, Mexican, Asian or (God forbid) healthy.”

“Besides offering thousands of recipes, Food Network In the Kitchen makes the next step in your culinary adventure easier. The Shopping List tab on the bottom lets you add items as you go, making your grocery store trip less of a drag and more of a mission. The Quick List tab lets you bookmark and quickly compare recipes, weighing pros and cons, and the Recipe Box allows you to store your favorites all in one place.”

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