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Mobile Ordering Boosts Quick-Service Restaurant Sales

Mobile Ordering for Quick-Service Restaurants Quick-service restaurants are starting to make the switch to mobile ordering and payments with apps. Services vary between restaurants and even by location, but what remains constant are the results. Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A were some of the first to adopt the new mobile offering and others are working to follow their lead. When Taco Bell first launched their app, 3... read more

Chick-fil-A App, Finalist in the 2015 Smarties Awards

Congratulations to Chick-fil-A for being named a finalist for the 2015 MMA Smarties Awards’. This award is the world’s only global marketing award program honoring innovation, creativity and success and is open to marketers, agencies and suppliers. This... read more

Android Marshmallow Release announcment image on phone

Android Marshmallow

Google announced several changes coming to their Android OS during their yearly developer’s conference, Google I/O (In case you missed it, here’s our recap of the event). Android Marshmallow These changes have warranted a new title update, bringing the... read more

Help us speak at SXSW Interactive 2015

Vote for Bottle Rocket at SXSW Interactive

Several Rocketeers have submitted panel proposals for SXSW Interactive this year. Visit the PanelPicker website to vote for our Rocketeers' panel submissions. Share them on Facebook and Twitter for bonus points! First, you'll need to sign up on... read more

Jedi mind tricks that recruiters use

Being a recruiter isn’t easy. In addition to experiencing frequent rejection, we have to elicit sensitive information from complete strangers like… “Why are you looking for a job?” “Why do you think you are worth more than what we are offering? and “What is your salary history for the past 5 years?” To be a successful recruiter, you have to get really good at dealing with people. With a decade of... read more

Gifts of Hope: Hope House of Midland, Texas Logo

Rocketeer Charity | Hope House

Every month, Rocketeers select their favorite charity to support. For the month of August, that charity is The Hope House of Midland, Texas. They are a part of the Gifts of Hope Inc. family. The Hope House of Midland is focused on bringing support to cancer... read more

Your app idea is great! The execution is killing you.

You’re full of great ideas, and you finally picked one that will make you a Billionaire. Everyone you talk to is excited about the potential. You scrape together some money, find an Angel Investor, and track down some friends that can help you build it. But then, problems. Nothing seems to work the way you expected it to, and you spend a ton of time on some trivial detail that you never even thought about, and... read more

Multitasking on the Apple iPad

Apple announced at WWDC ‘15 that iOS 9 will add multitasking functionality to the family of Apple tablets and is expected to be a “must have” for apps when the update launches. What is Multitasking? Multitasking adds the ability to have multiple apps running and visible at the same time on iPad tablets. This means that users will no longer need to back out and switch between different apps to use them... read more

Now Streaming on Chromecast

Food Network and Travel Channel are now on Chromecast with Live Linear It’s the summer TV season and more apps are becoming cast-enabled! Big names that are newly Google Cast Ready are Food Network and Travel Channel, while HGTV launched on Chromecast earlier this year. Watch Food Network, Watch Travel Channel, and HGTV Watch are now featured on the Chromecast store.     Now users can catch... read more

Chromecast Player

Should Your App be Chromecast Enabled?

What is Google Chromecast? There are many media streaming devices currently on the market, all with their own features and benefits. The big players at the moment are Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. While all of these boast support for mobile... read more