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What’s Next in In-app Purchases | A Mini-Hackathon Recap

At Bottle Rocket, we like to host mini-hackathon events through the year. Similar to our annual Rocket Science event, these hackathons are nights where our engineers concentrate on one theme or aspect of technology development – beacons, healthcare, etc. – and create an application or idea within a few short hours. These short bursts of iteration, testing, and collaboration help our team conceptualize the next... read more

Virtual Reality is Here – Why Now?

Virtual reality, as an idea, is not new. Believe it or not, VR is considered to have emerged in the 1950’s. But, just as “handheld communication devices” (AKA mobile phones) appeared in the original Star Trek series back in 1966, VR took a very different form in its early days. It has taken years, but several technologies are finally to a point that make VR possible. Think of it this way - the first mobile... read more

Low-Friction Development Environments

At Bottle Rocket Studios, we do our best to provide our developers with a low-friction development environment. We do this to help maximize productivity – for both our customers’ and developers’ benefit.   Elements of low-friction development environments Developers select the tools best suited for a given task Many projects will have predefined toolsets such as Xcode for iOS and Android Studios for... read more

Bottle Rocket’s Proudest Moments of 2016

Bottle Rocket’s 8th year was a roller coaster of busy days full of new opportunities, exhilarating events, teamwork, and collaborating with amazing Rocketeers and clients. As a famous piece of literature says best, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times – minus the worst of times. Please join us as we look back at our proudest moments of 2016.     App features and OS... read more

Rocketeer Charity | Lizzy’s Animal Hospice

Every month, Rocketeers pick a charity to support and our selection for December is Lizzy’s Animal Hospice. The organization provides homes to elderly, terminally ill, and homeless companion animals who otherwise would end up in a shelter. With health care and some TLC, these dogs end up having many years ahead of them and become adoptable again. Lizzy’s Animal Hospice started with a dog named Lizzy, the... read more

Now in Apple TV’s Universal Search – The Hallmark Channel

Earlier this year, Apple announced an update to Siri for the Apple TV – making universal search more powerful than ever. Last year, Siri searched iTunes and a few select apps for content, but that list is growing. We are excited to announce that the latest... read more

AWE Mobile Excellence Awards Finalist

AWE Named a Finalist in the 2016 Mobile Excellence Awards

We would like to congratulate Bottle Rocket’s TV Everywhere solution AWE for becoming a finalist in the 2016 Mobile Excellence Awards (MEA) in the A. The MEA honors mobile innovation and finalists represent the very best in, technology breakthroughs and... read more

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Key Success Factors of VR – So Far

When Virtual Reality became a hot topic a few years ago, the key success factor for the head-mounted medium was its adoption – a lot of talk and no user base kept many businesses from stepping into the space. Well, the Vive, Rift, and PSVR, hit the market... read more

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TechWeek Recap – the Future of AR and VR

At this year’s Dallas TechWeek, Adam Polansky, UX Strategist at Bottle Rocket, sat down with Kelsey Carroll from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dale Carmen of Groove Jones to discuss the future of augmented and virtual reality technologies. One... read more