Ready, Aim…. FLOWER! Thruster announces their latest game, Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare!

Thruster’s newest YouTube gaming collaboration features the VFX superstar Freddie Wong (FreddieW) on a fast paced rampage through endless levels to escape the clutches of Rico. The Flower Warfare app for iPhone / iPod touch brings Freddie’s hit video to life as you skillfully time treacherous jumps over spikes, toxic waste and bottomless pits while firing petals of destruction at your enemies. Rico’s men will stop at nothing to end your quest for higher consciousness… so fill them full of lead before you take a permanent dirt nap under the Double Rainbow!

Freddie’s team has worked with several Hollywood celebrities such as Kevin Pollak, Eliza Dushku, Jon Favreau in bringing his visions to life. Over 2.7M people have subscribed to FreddieW’s YouTube channel and the original Flower Warfare video, which the game is based on, has been viewed over 8.4M times. Since the the game’s release last week, over 8 months of time has been spent in the game, over 330K games have been played, 2M enemies have been killed and 2.2M boxes of cereal have been collected! FreddieW will be further unveiling the mystery of Rico’s stuff. You can check the latest video out here.

Grab your copy of the game on the iTunes App Store.

Thruster is a division on Bottle Rocket Apps focused on social, entertainment and gaming.