Overnight Getting Rave Reviews

Overnight is one of those apps that’s difficult to articulate just how feature-rich, yet intuitive it is. Apple’s iTunes App Store is cluttered amongst a see of “one trick pony” apps, or Ringtone Apps, as some other bloggers have called them. These are small offerings with little more than a single gag, some clever description writing and that every-appealing .99 “why not” pricing.So amongst a mess of flatulent Apps we’re happy to see some appreciation for an enterprise-grade offering. 148apps is quickly becoming a respected authority in the industry with handy news feeds and rich-content reviews. They recently reviewed Overnight and this is what they had to say:

The richness of what could have been an oversimplified app makes Overnight really shine. Too often developers fail to consider how users will actually utilize their software, and it’s apparent that Bottle Rocket put some serious thought into their design.

148apps gave Overnight four and a half out of five stars with a an overall “Highly Recommend” rating. This is just a small snippet and encourage you to check out the full article for yourself. Visit us on iTunes to check out Overnight and see what all the hype is about.