Rocket Science 2014: Come and Make it

What do you get when you add up 24 hours, over 180 rocketeers, and countless energy drinks?

Rocket Science 2014.

Starting at noon on Thursday, Rocketeers from every discipline of the company came together to brainstorm, collaborate, and implement ideas for personal projects that reach beyond the scope of our regular (and not-so-regular) workdays.

We shut-down our emails and put a temporary hold on client work so groups could work on personal passion projects ranging from the Keggerator (a smart beer dispensing device) to the Altimeter (an app to gauge employee morale).

Projects varied from lighthearted attempts to celebrate our company’s culture, like a Bottle Rocket-themed card game, to serious philanthropic work. Team Vocal Id spent their time at Rocket Science developing an app that lets users donate their voice to a database so those who are without a voice don’t have to rely robotic presets to express themselves and they are given a voice that is unique to them.

Team Hue, half of which was comprised of newly hired interns, developed an app to control Philips Hue lighting with voice commands – allowing users to create preset light combinations and other impressive features.

Rocketeers Jason Osburn (pictured below) and Chris Thrash cranked out hundreds of custom screen-printed t-shirts to celebrate the event on a 4-Color Printa System.

Over twenty teams presented their work Friday morning and fellow Rocketeers voted on five categories: Best Presentation, Brilliant Failure, Most Solid, Most Creative, and Magnificent Success.

Rocketeer James Helms and Team Keggerator won Best Presentation for their “Making Of” montage featured below.

The Most Solid award – a brick – went to Team Pico Games, who created 48 mini-games during Rocket Science, which was 24 more than they originally planned.

Team Eye of Sauron, who worked on an app to help keep track of employee locations throughout the office, won Most Creative.

Rocketeers voted Team Hot Flag, an impromptu hotdog-themed band, for Brilliant Failure (with love, of course).

Finally, the Vocal Id team won the trophy for Magnificent Success, a golden goblet, for their work on an easy-to-use voice bank.

Rocket Science was filled to the brim with creative energy and work that will continue for the coming months (once everyone gets a chance to rest).

Stay tuned for more exclusive content as we update the blog with videos documenting different teams and their innovative work… after a long nap!