Rocket Science 2015 | Mobile Innovation by Sleep Deprivation

Mobile Innovation by Sleep Deprivation

Innovation comes in many forms. As proof, there’s Rocket Science 2015, our very own mobile innovation lab methodology that continues to evolve and expand every year. This event, the 4th annual, is a company-wide investment in passion, focus, and innovation. All to give birth to new ideas, new apps, new skills, and a renewed appreciation for our in-house cache of energy drinks.

The rules are simple. Rocketeers enlist with different teams and each team has 24 hours to create, develop, code, program, and beta test their idea. Now, in the true spirit of innovation, not every team went the mobile app route. (This explains the 24-hour whittling fest from our chief digital strategy expert Andy Dombroski.)

Curious about what goes on during our Rocket Science hackathon? Here’s a quick video peek behind the curtain:


Is there peer pressure? Certainly, but in a good way. Like past Rocket Science events, this 24-hour innovation lab also served as a real-time crucible for building rapport and camaraderie in addition to the next killer mobile app. Another pressing challenge was that each team had just three minutes to present their new brainchild to the Bottle Rocket collective.

Rocket Science 2015 had no shortage of teams competing for five different awards. In short, 25 different teams presented their ideas to the entire 180+ Bottle Rocket staff (Rocketeers) as well as other guests and the media, including Business Columnist Cheryl Hall of the Dallas Morning News. Visit the Dallas Morning News website to see What Cheryl Hall had to say about Rocket Science.


The envelope, please: THE winners for 2015

Of course, we’re all winners! Truth be known, the Rocket Science experience does find its way into our daily (and nightly) work and process. On average, 40-50% of what we do and learn from a Rocket Science hackathon can be applied and leveraged to the betterment of serving our clients.


Most creative

This award went to BoomBro for its collaborative music app. The app allows multiple participants to build music together using pre-recorded sound bites that can be activated by touch on a honeycomb-like soundboard. (And bonus points for the entertaining behind the scenes video.)


Most likely to succeed

Rhythm Runner took home this award and rightly so. A unique music, social media and crowdsourcing mashup, this app allows a jogger to send and receive songs on the run.

That’s right a crowdsourced playlist in real time. During the run, the jogger can access push notifications about songs, can review them, or just hit play. The app links to Spotify making the entire process a seamless experience.


Brilliant failure

As a silver lining for BR-Cade, the recipient of this award, Brilliant Failure does NOT mean zero benefit of the idea. It simply means they could not get it to some level of completion by the time 24-hours had elapsed.

BR-Cade took it upon themselves to build an old-fashioned arcade game from scratch. Good try guys. Even though the project wasn’t completed in time, they still managed to create an awesome build video.


Best overall

Another win, which made two awards total for music collaboration tool BoomBro.


Most technical

Leave it to a former physicist for being part of the winning team for Tesla coil. Scoring major points for their demo, they showed wireless electricity via a Tesla coil which included a handheld CFL bulb lighting up in a Rocketeer’s hands the closer in proximity it came to the coil.


Takeaways from Rocket Science 2015

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens when we can individually and collectively close off distractions from the outside world. The possibilities and outcomes from innovation labs like Rocket Science continue to be a real world difference maker.

Imagine having your biggest technology challenge lifted off your shoulder—in record time? Perhaps you require a technology intervention to avert a budding crisis? These may be ideal opportunities to put our Rocket Science mobile innovation think tank experience to the test for your brand. Connect with us and let’s see if there’s a fit.



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