Rocketeer and Sabre Hackathon Judge Chris Roche shares thoughts on how to #ReinventTravel

If there is an industry that would stand to gain the most from revolution, for both the consumer’s and the employee’s wellbeing, it is the travel industry.  This is also the reason I’m incredibly excited that Sabre’s Dev Studio is opening up their APIs and services to the public, as well as hosting the upcoming ’24 hours to reinvent travel’ hackathon to energize the industry.  Bringing the design and development community together and arming them with modernized endpoints provides a real opportunity to drive the incredibly complex ecosystem in travel forward.

I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of that type of innovation as a member of the team at Bottle Rocket. Bottle Rocket has designed, built and launched over 150 premium brand experiences since the company was founded just over 6 years ago.  With clients like Coca-Cola, NBCUniversal, LEGO and many more, memorable, cutting edge brand experiences are always at the top of the priority list.  While designing a remarkable user experience is challenging, the biggest hurdle to digital innovation that we’ve seen is the absence of the modern web services needed to power the type of experience most users have come to expect.

Bottle Rocket has been fortunate to partner with Starwood Hotels and Resorts – one of the most forward-leaning brands in travel today. For the past few years and we’ve worked together to navigate many of the challenges posed by a diverse and fragmented ecosystem. The Starwood Preferred Guest iOS and Android experiences support all of their nine hotel brands, which exponentially increases the complexity of integration.  It was only through collaboration and sheer talent of Starwood and Bottle Rocket’s teams that such a compelling experience could be built, and that sort of experience just wouldn’t have been possible for a smaller team.

The launch of Sabre’s Dev Studio changes that reality by opening access to Sabre’s industry-leading services.  If you have exciting ideas to revolutionize the travel industry, want to get a closer look at how the Dev Studio will modernize the industry or just want to come see the amazing ideas, register for the hackathon taking place on August 1st and 2nd near Dallas, TX.  The 1st place, $15,000 (which includes credit to Sabre’s APIs) may be just what you need to launch that next amazing experience in travel.