Rocketeer Charity: Angel Flight South Central

This week, we had our second charity drawing of the month during which Angel Flight South Central was selected. Rocketeer VP of Operations, David Goldstein had entered Angel Flight South Central into the drawing as it is an organization in which he’s been involved with for several years and believes strongly in their mission. Angel Flight is a charitable organization with regional offices consisting of volunteer pilots who graciously bear the expenses to fly patients to where they need to be so they can receive critical medical treatment. By providing flight transportation to patients, many are able to receive the lifesaving treatment they need and otherwise might not get due to travel expenses. 

David has flown over 20 missions, transporting patients and other medical supplies around the south central United States region. After coming across an advertisement for Angel Flight, he felt compelled to volunteer for the organization as a way for him to contribute to the community by helping those who are very ill and do not have the means to get to get a treatment facility. The experiences have proven to be highly rewarding and more importantly, those who benefited from the transportation were able to get the medicine they needed.

Angel Flight also fulfills requests on a case by case basis for humanitarian and disaster relief missions, flies children to specialty hospitals and in the summer, takes children to special needs camps. For more information or to donate, click here.