Rocketeer Charity: Camp Esperanza

This week, the Bridewell Foundation was selected as our second charity of the month. The Bridewell Foundation is an organization whose sole purpose is to raise money to fund Camp Esperanza, which is free of charge to all campers.

This summer camp is unique because it was created specifically for children being treated for cancer. Each year, the organization gives pediatric oncology patients at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas a chance to forget cancer in a week of campouts, fishing, challenges, horseback riding, crazy counselors and fellow campers. 

Liam Buckley, son of Rocketeer Beth Buckley, first attended Camp Esperanza in 2011 while he was still undergoing treatment for his cancer. He has since attended a second time in addition to attending Teen Retreat last fall.

“At Camp Esperanza, I am surrounded by others who have experienced what I am going through. Even some of the counselors have had cancer and went to the camp as kids,” Liam said. “Even though we’re surrounded by doctors, nurses and all our meds, for that one week, we don’t feel sick. We’re just normal kids having fun at camp.”

Beth said that Bottle Rocket’s donation will fund the weeklong camp for two children – something many of these children’s families could not afford given the cost of treatment.

Bottle Rocket is excited to give this experience to two beyond-worthy kids and support an organization that means so much to our Rocketeer family.

To learn more about Camp Esperanza or make a donation to the Bridewell Foundation, click here.