Rocketeer Charity: Rocketeers Support Caps for Kids

This month, we are supporting Caps for Kids!  This wonderful organization gives children who are diagnosed and undergoing treatment for cancer a cap autographed by an athlete, entertainer or other notable celebrity of their choice.

Rocketeer, Beth Buckley, submitted this charity on behalf of her son, Liam.  Liam says, “The cap you get from Caps for Kids is great because it covers your bald head when you lose all your hair from chemo or radiation (I lost mine twice!). It provides a good reason for people to notice you—rather than the bad reason of you being a bald kid—because you can talk about how you got the cap and who autographed it.”

Liam was told about Caps for Kids when he was in treatment at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. He hasn’t received a hat yet (Liam took forever to decide from whom he wanted a cap!), but he has requested either Chuck Norris or Garth Brooks.  We are happy to share that Liam has been in remission for 2 years and is feeling great… but still looks forward to getting his hat!  

Caps for Kids explains that, to a child who has lost their hair due to the chemotherapy treatments, the caps help them establish a special bond with their caregiver/physician and their celebrity hero. We have found that many of the children garner strength from the autographed caps, and they feel as though their celebrity hero is right there with them fighting the battle against their illness.

A special thanks to Beth and Liam to bringing this organization to our attention! For more information, visit