Rocketeer Charity: The Water Project

It seems remarkable that something we take for granted could have such a marked impact on the lives of people but think about it; have you ever gone a day with the water turned off? You quickly discover just how critical it is to daily life in addition to being a basic need all of us must have to survive. Consider what you give up if your whole day is dedicated to getting water, a career, education, clean clothes, not to mention self-esteem!

The Water Project invests in partners who drill fresh water wells, provide sanitation and hygiene training, and construct other sustainable water projects. Each donor is provided with photos, short stories and GPS map coordinates of project locations so they can see just how impactful their generosity is and the effects they have on so many people in need. The organization also follows up, monitors and evaluates the projects supported to help ensure the shared work has long-term impact.

The story excerpt below is what got me interested in The Water Project. Becky Straw was a Water Project Manager with Charity: Water who shared an inspiring story about her experience visiting Northern Uganda to celebrate a new well that was recently dug in a small village in the region. A female villager named Helen Apio jumped toward Becky and here’s her story:

“While most women hung back politely, Helen jumped toward me and screamed two inches from my face. Technically, it was singing. But the high-pitched shrieking was so loud and reverberated with such energy and emotion; I knew I had to talk with her. 

She told me about the new freshwater well in her village. “I am happy now,” Helen beamed. “I have time to eat, my children can go to school. And I can even work in my garden, take a shower and then come back for more water if I want! I am bathing so well.”

A few of the men chuckled to hear a woman talk about bathing. But all I noticed was Helen’s glowing face, the fresh flowers in her hair, and the lovely green dress she wore for special occasions. Touching her forearm, I replied, “Well, you look great.”

“Yes,” she paused. Placing both hands on my shoulders and smiling, she said, “Now, I am beautiful.” That really hit me.

For more information on The Water Project and how you can get involved, click here!