Rocketeers Celebrate Bottle Rocket’s 5th Anniversary

Bottle Rocket began five years ago with nothing more than a few pads of graph paper and a box of pencils. The year was 2008 and Steve Jobs had just announced that the iPhone would be open to third-party developers. The announcement hit Calvin “like a bolt of lightning,” awakening his entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring him to launch Bottle Rocket the very next day.

Flash forward five years…our staff, consisting of some of the industry’s brightest and most talented, has skyrocketed to 130 Rocketeers (as of today!). We’ve also received many honors and accolades over the past five years including being listed as one of Top 100 Places to Work in Dallas, ranked #61 on the Forbes’ “America’s Most Promising Companies” list, received four Apple App Hall of Fame awards (more than any other developer to date) and named Entertainment App Developer of the Year by Variety.

Each Rocketeer is extremely proud of the accomplishments we’ve achieved, both past and present. We look forward to the next five exciting years as we continue growing, creating and piloting the future!