Rocketeers in Orbit: Amanda Chappell Hosts Bottle Rocket Coding Club

Rocketeer, Amanda Chappell, introduced Bottle Rocket Coding Club in the fall.  The club is part of a continued effort to get out in our community and contribute by donating time and expertise to promote STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math).  Amanda has been contributing her time to help foster and mentor future engineers and we were thrilled to have these future Rocketeers in our office yesterday!

Throughout this 14-week program, the kids have been taught that engineering is based on problem solving, how technology skills create a multitude of opportunities and what career possibilities exist in the field of engineering.

Here is what a few of these bright 4th & 5th graders had to say about their time at Bottle Rocket:

Sarah said, “Today we got here and so we heard all these people at Bottle Rocket talking about what they do and it helped us understand what we could do and well, from what I have seen everyone here [classmates] likes it because we get to learn about coding and now we get to see them do it.”

Eden said, “I like that we got to learn something extra out of what we learn in school.  It is something special, that just we got to learn.  And, another thing that I liked is that we got to do it on our own with help from Ms. Amanda, Mr. John and Mrs. Parker.  And, we got to learn about coding which is something that could help us in our future jobs and the possibility of what I want to do.”

Austin said, “I like that they make good apps and they did a good job of telling how everything works around this place and it was… a better fun way to learn than being trapped to a chair with your eyes held open…”

Luke said, “What I like about Bottle Rocket is that I learned a lot of things.  Before that I had no idea what programming was and after I knew a whole bunch about it and Bottle Rocket was a fun way of learning it too.”

Kudos to all the Rocketeers who helped make this day productive, educational and fun for these children.