AWE’s Scott Maddux Participates In FierceCable’s Second Screen Webinar

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Rocketeer Scott Maddux, GM of our AWE division, recently participated in FierceCable’s Scoring with the Second Screen webinar alongside Brett Sappington, Director of Research for Parks Associates and Simon Jones, Director of Solutions Marketing for Ooyala. This webinar, hosted by Steve Donohue of FierceCable, focused on apps that content providers and distributors are relying on to drive increased ratings and ad revenue.

Brett Sappington opened by stating, “Everyone in the industry acknowledges that we are at a time of transition for television and people in the industry have to reconsider the TV service, how it is going to be delivered and how it is going to be consumed in the home.” According to Parks Associates, 75% of U.S. broadband households currently have a second screen in their home (smartphone and/or tablet).

Brett reviewed the players in the space, or the “Planet of the Apps”, and how they are leveraging mobile to increase audience engagement. An interesting slide that Brett shared outlined the content-related activities of smartphone and tablet owners with a TV app. The top three activities were watching videos related to the content, looking up more content-related information and checking broadcast times and dates. The AWE apps focus on these three activities and are operating on a massive scale, especially in terms of video views.

A graph showing the most common actions taken when using a TV App


Scott spoke not only about the second screen, but also about TV Everywhere (TVE) and offered the thought that perhaps the second screen is now the first screen. He emphasized that mobile has changed the game in a big way and that we are now at a place where viewers are able to engage directly with the networks and more importantly, directly with advertisers.

Scott touched on the ways that AWE is driving a lot of value from a content-driven perspective, from a marketing perspective for the networks and of course for sponsors and advertisers. We are seeing networks consolidating their audiences around singular apps in order to drive more traffic to one place and increase revenue. What AWE is doing is creating second screen experiences within the TVE app by stealing a page from second screen and bringing the content into the viewing experience itself. Although it is primarily a TVE app, if you want to pull up a second screen experience while you are watching at home on the big screen TV, you can do that as well.

Simon Jones presented the question, “Which is the first screen and which is the second?” He referenced a recent e-marketer report that stated that more media viewing is happening today on connected devices than on television. People are using all sorts of devices and it is not clear which is their primary and which is their secondary.

Simon suggested that what this means for folks that are pushing out content is that we need to be able to “walk and chew gum”, meaning we need to be able to do two things at once. We have to look beyond the computer and focus on connected televisions and game consoles, not just focusing on the classic Internet devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers.  In addition, we need to embrace apps and look beyond Apple and Android, expect complexity and plan for change. Simon’s thoughts are directly in line with the AWE roadmap as currently, we are running on iOS and Android, but Windows 8, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV and the rumored Kindle TV are not far behind.

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