Rocketeers in Orbit: Lauren Wins in London!

Rocketeer and iOS developer extraordinaire Lauren has returned from a whirlwind adventure from San Francisco to London for British Airways’ UnGrounded, the company’s inaugural Innovation Lab in the Sky. As if being selected to join this group of esteemed industry leaders and change agents wasn’t enough, Lauren’s team, AdvisHer won the hackathon in the sky!

The purpose of UnGrounded was to collaborate with teams to come up with a way to accelerate global innovation with regards to the global STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) skills gap. While 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, Lauren got to flex her mobile muscles as a design catalyst. Together they developed AdvisHer (Advise+Her) an “an online community that leverages the power of pipeline programs to advise, advocate, and accelerate women in STEM-related jobs around the world”. The organization’s goal is to foster and retain women in STEM due to the current misalignment of women’s presence in the tech industry.

The teams worked hard throughout the flight, jet lag and all, and the winning project was voted on and announced before the group landed in London. It meant a lot to Team AdvisHer especially since the votes came from their peers. Upon landing, the UnGrounded participants received the royal treatment, starting with a tour of the House of Lords by the Baroness Scotland. Up next was the G8 Innovation Summit where the group got to hear presentations by leading entrepreneurs and executives. Oh and Prime Minister David Cameron happened to be there too!

Team AdvisHer’s winning idea was presented at the DNA Summit following G8 and earned the support of the United Nations ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Secretary General, Dr. Hamadoun Touré. is live and awaiting further development. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is interested in signing up, there’s a place to do so on the site. Stay tuned for more news on what’s next for the winning project of this extraordinary event!