Rocketeers in Orbit: Luke Wallace Teaches Kids About the Development World

Luke Wallace, Bottle Rocket’s Associate Director of Software Engineering & Android Evangelist, recently talked to 5th-8th graders at Good Shepherd Episcopal School here in Dallas about what it’s like to be a software developer and how to one day become one.

Luke’s presentation was part of the school’s participation in The Hour of Code, a worldwide event sponsored by to promote STEM. Luke talked to the students about the types of job responsibilities and opportunities that exist, the Bottle Rocket culture and how to prepare for becoming an app developer.

The Hour of Code was hugely successful! Over 11 million students worldwide participated in the event, helping to raise awareness about the importance of STEM and encouraging students across the globe to get involved. is a dedicated non-profit organization that aims to increase interest and participation in computer science education. Their hope is that their work will lead to more educational programs being implemented in schools and that more women and underrepresented students of color into the world of computer science.