Rocketeers in Orbit: Michael Griffith Offers Up Mobile Insights at AAF Dallas Luncheon

The AAF (American Advertising Federation Dallas) Dallas held a luncheon this week where Rocketeer Michael Griffith was on hand to present important insights into mobile becoming one of the greatest tools for building brand loyalty. Following his presentation, legendary Dallas Morning News business columnist Cheryl Hall conducted a fireside chat with Michael, giving attendees a deeper look into the content provided in the presentation.

Here are the 5 insights Michael discussed:

  • Mobile is the Hub of Brand Experiences: Loyalty is ensuring that the initial brand experience is not the last brand experience.
  • Be Honored to Live in the Pocket of Your Consumer: Successful loyalty means being a polite and well-mannered guest.
  • Personal Devices Assume a Personal Experience: Personal relevance increases usage and loyalty.
  • Apps Are About the Here and Now: Geo-fences and location targeting provide relevance and in turn, loyalty.
  • Know Your Audience Better Than They Know Themselves: Analytics can be used to continuously improve the user experience and increase loyalty.

Want more? This post is just scratching the surface, but keep an eye out as we will soon be launching a series of posts based on Michael’s Twelve UEX Principles that will go into more depth in a way that only the insanely brilliant mind of Michael Griffith can offer!

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