Second Screen Tablet Apps: Hits, Misses and What You Need to Know for Success

Bottle Rocket’s Scott Maddux, the general manager of AWE, recently moderated a panel at the Digital Hollywood Content Summit, with panelist representation from Fox Sports, WatchWith, Megaphone TV, Get*This and Shazam Entertainment.

During their presentation, the panel explored successes, failures and trends in the quickly evolving second screen space.

Scott shared the following takeaways from the event with TabTimes:

  • Consumers are ready and willing.
  • Hardware platforms (mobile, STB, TV, game consoles) are in place.
  • App stores are up and running at full speed.
  • Producers, distributors, content owners, advertisers and agencies are all engaged.

According to Scott, all elements necessary to fuel a thriving second screen app market exist today. For more of Scott’s insight, please click here to visit the TabTimes blog.