Showtime Sync Wins First Place at The CTAM Sync-to-Screen Competition

Five cable networks with their pulse on second-screen TV viewers squared off in the “Sync to TV Competition” at the CTAM Summit today. Each of the contestants presented their app’s content strategy, consumer interaction data and key takeaways. The winner was selected by session attendees, who scored the apps on functionality, user experience, creativity, scalability, business impact and consumer engagement. We are proud to announce that Showtime Sync took first place.

The Showtime Sync app automatically listens to determine if the viewer is watching an enhanced episode, then presents synchronized special features, trivia, polls, predictions and other features. Showtime Sync works on live, prerecorded, on-demand, online streaming or DVD video, as long as the sound is audible to the iPad. Viewers can also use the app to browse through existing bonus content any time.

To download the Showtime Sync app for your iPad visit the iTunes store.