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Calvin Carter in meeting speaking
Hallmark Channel Everywhere app for Roku home screen shown on TV

Hallmark Channel Arrives on Roku with AWE

Hallmark Channel’s AWE-powered content has arrived on Roku with what our CEO, Calvin Carter, describes as “a premium user experience that pushes the boundaries of OTT apps.”   AWE is Bottle Rocket’s award-winning TV Everywhere and... read more

Mobile Excellence Awards trophies with announcement

AWE Wins at the Mobile Excellence Awards

Remember when we revealed we were finalists in the 2016 Mobile Excellence Awards (MEAs)? We’re excited to announce AWE has won the MEA for Best Live Streaming or Video for Mobile! We couldn’t have done it without our stellar AWE viewing experts who... read more

Now in Apple TV’s Universal Search – The Hallmark Channel

Earlier this year, Apple announced an update to Siri for the Apple TV – making universal search more powerful than ever. Last year, Siri searched iTunes and a few select apps for content, but that list is growing. We are excited to announce that the latest... read more

Reaching All Screens: Solving the Video Service Conundrum

At one time, mobile video was all about the Second Screen. Now, its about reaching all screens. If your content is not available on every device - mobile, OTT, or otherwise - you're not maximizing your reach. However, maximizing your reach can minimize your returns - but not always. So how do you know when you should reach all or most screens? How do you get the most out of your content? How do you ensure you've... read more

AWE Wins at Cablefax Digital Awards

AWE Wins at 2016 Cablefax Digital Awards

We’d like to extend our cheers to our TV Everywhere Platform AWE for their 2016 Cablefax Digital Awards win. AWE received their Best TV Everywhere Technology nomination earlier this year. The Cablefax Digital Awards provide cable executives the... read more

Digital Hollywood CES Social Entertainment Recap

Recently, Judy Johnson returned to Digital Hollywood at CES to speak about social entertainment. As an always favorited subject, Judy had many insights on the subject to share. We wanted to expand upon these and also share related trends for brands to be aware of.   Utilizing data and analytics There is an increasing desire for content owners to be able to capture and use their own data and analytics. As... read more

TVOT event NYC 2015 logo

TVOT NYC 2015: Key Takeaway for 2016 and Beyond

In the realm of television-related industries, the topic on everyone’s mind is measurement. Peter Welpton, the head of business development for our video delivery platform AWE, recently attended The TV of Tomorrow Show in NYC. The event specializes in... read more

The New Apple TV

The first Apple TV was launched nearly a decade ago (early 2007). The original stand-alone player shipped with preinstalled apps that allowed users to stream iTunes music, watch their favorite shows and browse compatible files from their Mac or PC. Apple has released three generations of the Apple TV in order to reduce its size, improve media streaming capabilities and to allow support for 1080p displays. One of the... read more