Thruster Partners with Griffin Technology to Launch Woogie 2.0 App

What exactly is a Woogie? It’s 50% huggable friend, 50% protective case for your iPhone or iPad touch, and 100% fun! Griffin recently debuted three new Woogie characters, Zee, Fee and Morff. They are available on Griffin’s site for purchase. 

The new Woogie app turns these characters into interactive playmates with funny faces, moods and feelings. They are always ready for an adventure packed full of games, music, jokes, and giggles. You can even choose a face for your Woogie, feed, dress and groom them too! 

You can also take your Woogie on adventures to places like Space and the Beach. Each adventure has a different game to play, different food and toys that you and Woogie can both enjoy! After a day of play, tuck your Woogie in at naptime and if you’re quiet you might hear it snore.

Your Woogie even knows when another Woogie is around, and can talk to them in four different languages via Bluetooth while you listen. 

Included Adventures:

  • The Backyard with Bubble Pop game
  • The Beach with Woogie Boogie game
  • Space with Woogie Jump game 

More adventures are available as in-app purchases:

  • The Grocery Store with Hungry Woogie game
  • The Baseball Field with Home Run game 

Want to join in on the Woogie fun? Download this 4.5 star rated app for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad here on iTunes.