What We Learned at SXSW Interactive!

Last month, a group of Bottle Rocket team members loaded a bus in route to Austin, Texas to see what South by Southwest (SXSW) was all about.  SXSW, a set of film, interactive and music festivals, takes place annually in Austin and dates back to 1987. Since SXSW Interactive split off as an event of its own in 1999, it has built a reputation as the breeding ground for new ideas and creative technologies. Hence, why the Rocketeers were inclined to check it out!

Here is a brief recap of what was learned, and in some cases confirmed, by the Rocketeers. These are trends and general directions that impact the app space, as well as digital and marketing more broadly.

  • Rise of the Ambient Device – the notion that mobile technology can sense the environment around the user and push relevant, commonly location specific, information without action by the user
  • Reducing Complexity, Simplify – the trend of simplified user experience is on the rise, Instagram is a great example of this
  • You, Better – the concept of a mobile device bettering the user and enhancing the way we live our lives
  • The Interface Evolved – the idea of a vanishing interface that relies on gestures and design instead of familiar buttons and controls
  • Skeuomorphic vs. Superhuman – using these trends to uniquely enhance the experience of the users

To read the complete list of trends, and see a more thorough explanation of the above, click here. The way we see it… the more knowledge we share, the further we can push the app industry and technologies together. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s SXSW Interactive. It has all the potential to be bigger, better and more Interactive than years past!