Why the SPIN Play app was mentioned in WWDC Keynote

Yesterday in San Francisco, over 5200 iOS developers gathered at WWDC 2011 to hear the keynote address by Steve Jobs and other Apple executives.  Chief among new iOS 5 features is Newsstand, and our SPIN Play app was highlighted to give a direct example of how useful this new feature will be to app developers moving forward.

If you’ve been having a difficult time finding and getting your hands on the periodicals you enjoy on your iPad, Apple just announced a remedy to your problem.  Built in to iOS 5 is a new app called Newsstand which is designed to make it easy for you to find, purchase, and subscribe to your favorite newspapers and magazines on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Newsstand will add magazine, newspaper and other subscription-based apps to a new “Newsstand” section on Apple’s AppStore and on iOS devices.  If NewsStand looks a lot like iBooks, it should:  the app is designed from the same general principle and has a similar look and feel.

Newsstand will add the ability for magazines and newspaper publishers and deliver their content to users much like they do with their print versions.  When new content is released by a publisher on the iPad, it will be sent to users who have subscriptions to that publication automatically.  This means that users will not have to search to find out when or if new content is available.  Newsstand will deliver the content to the user and let them know when it has arrived.

Delivered via background downloads, Newsstand will not interfere with the user’s interaction with their device and can even be delivered overnight while the user is asleep to be available the next morning.  Automatically updating the user’s “Newsstand” app with the new issue or newspaper cover once it is available, developers will be able to incorporate these features into their apps with the Newsstand kit in Apple’s iOS 5.

Here at Bottle Rocket, we are excited about the announcement because we will be incorporating the Newsstand kit into our ground-breaking content management system, Issue Publisher™, which was used to power the critically acclaimed SPIN Play app.  Issue Publisher™, available now, will provide Newsstand integration when Apple launches iOS 5 this Fall.