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Calvin Carter in meeting speaking
Samsung Gear VR in front of Bottle Rocket logo

VR Action Plan For Brands

Virtual Reality allows users to interact with a brand in a unique and immersive way. These experiential interactions engage people in ways other mediums cannot. It is important to understand the problem being solved, what the experience will be, and which... read more

Digital Hollywood CES Social Entertainment Recap

Recently, Judy Johnson returned to Digital Hollywood at CES to speak about social entertainment. As an always favorited subject, Judy had many insights on the subject to share. We wanted to expand upon these and also share related trends for brands to be aware of.   Utilizing data and analytics There is an increasing desire for content owners to be able to capture and use their own data and analytics. As... read more

International CES 2016

The Top Technology Buzz From CES

CES is the ultimate gathering for innovation geeks and technology nerds (just like us). Every year, several companies from around the world gather here to show off and discuss the latest technology trends and more. This year, Bottle Rocket attended the... read more

Bottle Rocket’s Proudest Moments of 2015

Bottle Rocket had a lot of fun in 2015. We supported a lot of great charities, held many office events, moved into a bigger office space, and even grew to over 200 Rocketeers. As always, our year gleamed with talks of innovation, app launches, and – of course – Star Wars. Please join us as we take a look back at our proudest moments of 2015.   App Launches HISTORY® launches Civil War week with updated... read more